Mixed Martial Arts at United Thai Boxing and MMA


Capoeira is a unique martial art, African in its origin and Brazilian in its evolution. This fascinating discipline fuses flexibility, agility, strength, balance, self-confidence, self-defense, coordination and rhythm; creating a workout like no other!

The spirit and energy of a Capoeira “roda” (circle), where the participants “joga” (play), is contagious. The art form combines circular and straight kicks, acrobatics, takedowns and creativity with mesmerizing music and spirituality.

Since the time of its origin over 400 years ago, with the African slaves in the port cities of Salvador, Recife and Rio de Janeiro, Capoeira has grown and evolved throughout the world. Today it is found on every continent and in over 50 countries.

Historically capoeira is the art of freedom, liberating Brazil’s African and indigenous slaves and empowering their sense of self. It is our goal to perpetuate this power and history and pass it to adults and youth, particularly in economically challenged neighborhoods where the art form can empower and motivate the spirit.